Monday, December 14, 2009

Big Daddy Silvio

I don't know how closely any of you follow European politics but if you don't you are missing out. To wit: Silvio Berlusconi the Italian PM. To put if mildly he likes the ladies. He is 73 years old and married but that has not stopped him laying down game at every opportunity. And since power is the greatest aphrodisiac and he's not picky, he and Tiger seem to share a type, opportunities abound. He makes Mattress Jack Kennedy look like a cloistered monk. He is regularly papped cavorting with barely legal tupperware temptresses abroad one of his yachts or at one of his many villas. And granted, the Italians appreciate amore in a much different way than we puritanical Americans do, but damn! There isn't even any uproar about his seemingly regularly scheduled shenanigans.

My favorite Silvio anecdote, and that is saying something because the choices are as endless as his tan, happened last week at the Climate Change Summit. Big Daddy was there with the other world leaders, and let me remind you, he is one himself. I guess he got fuck ass bored, and really, who can blame him. Listening to some front man for the Illuminati blathering on about polar ice caps or some shit. So instead of at least looking serious and like he was paying attention (Gordon Brown I'm looking at you) he decided to make some doodles. And pass them around to THE OTHER WORLD LEADERS. Just emphasizing that this was a gathering of some of the most powerful people in the world and not 8th grade detention. He doodled different kinds of panties and labeled it "Women's Knickers Through the Ages." And I think he's seem them all at some point or another because I wear women's knickers and I am a woman but I didn't know that women in ancient Egypt wore a sort of loin cloth thing for their knickers for instance. But Big Daddy knew that shit and drew the evolution from ancient Egypt right up to our modern day thong, with which he is probably well aquainted.

This awesome story was somewhat overshadowed by Big Daddy being punched out by some fun hater a few days later but I think it is worthy of attention. Don't let the haters win Big Daddy Silvio. Maybe when you get out of the hospital you can give Foxy Knoxy (google her if you aren't familiar) a presidential pardon and the two of you can bust out your Friday night moves and hit it hard core. It would be a crime if this does not happen.